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Welcome to Amusement-Park-Deals.com. The most inexpensive tickets around, take a second to look through our site and read a little bit of history about Memphis Kiddie Park. Discount tickets for all ages, young or old, take the parents, take the kids, or all your friends, with our 2 for 1 codes save at least 50% or more. Food, lodging, gas, admission these are all things that add up pretty quickly, save on it all.


2012 Admission Prices
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$25.25 (BEST DEAL)
Mini golf
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Located in Brooklyn, Ohio, Memphis Kiddie Park is a theme park featuring eleven children rides. The gate was first opened to the public on May 28th, 1952, and one of several amusement parks opened by a man named Stuart Winter. He first celebrated the park by giving discount passes out to close friends, associates, and park sponsors so that they could all come enjoy a day with their children. Eventually Winter closed all the other parks that opened up at about the same time, the only one that remained opened was the Memphis Kiddie Park. He did this so he could have more time to worry about a new business venture, a chain of cheap indoor movie theatres.

Though Mr. Winter has since died, the park remains in operation and is owned by his widow. The park features the Little Dipper, the oldest steel rollercoaster in North America. For the next month, we will hand out discount tickets for this ride so you and your child can go for a fraction of the price. The park also has a great deal on a game of Mini-golf, only $2.50 for a single 18 hole round, the cheapest in the united States as of now.

I must warn people, this park is 99% for children, do not go if you are not taking kids. I was a adult supervisor at a elementary school field trip to the park, and the kids had a blast, the prices were great, and they had a picnic area for sack lunches. Thank you for the discount passes; it really helped out with 30 kids.
-Anna Smith-